It's Official: Civilization Ends

William Shatner, at the Golden Globes Awards yesterday, won an award for his acting.

Addendum, 1/18/05: Well, duh... After posting the above, I find out that Shatner actually won AN EMMY for portraying the same character LAST year (on The Practice, before Boston Legal was spun off of it).

I know, between the election and the Red Sox, there was a LOT of unlikely stuff happening in 2004, but still... how in hell did I completely miss any notice of THAT?

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Gary Farber said...

On the theory that a comment is better late than never, I'll note that in my subjective opinion (clearly shared by many, however), Denny Crane is a hilarious character, superbly and uniquely done. When I was trying to imagine Shatner playing a guest part in Enterprise, I kept imagining Denny Crane showing up, not Captain Kirk.

Yeah, I think that's good acting.