Our Poor Outlander

The verdict is in: Totaled. The driver who T-boned me Wednesday afternoon hit hard enough to spin the car 180°; I ended up facing south in a north-bound lane. I am not happy.

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D Gary Grady said...

Did the accident happen at a place actually called "Collision Center," or is that where the vehicle was taken for repair?

Seriously, I'm very glad you're OK

I nearly had a wreck the other day myself. My car's alternator went off to the great junkyard in the sky and as a result my car started acting odd and just a couple of blocks short of my destination (which I was foolishly hoping to reach) the engine died and I was left with no power at all, and almost no brakes. Fortunately I was able to swerve into another lane rather than crash into the car in front of me, which was stopped at a traffic light, and I was able to get the car going slowly enough that I could shift into park before it drifted into the intersection. Aside from the cost of towing and repairs, I came through entirely OK.