A Kickstarter For "Mom & Pop Move Their Comic Shop"

While I stopped following comics a few years ago when the nearby comic shop closed down, I still get some info about the business by cultural osmosis. And I read and collected comics for enough years that I understand why so many people still do.

All About Books & Comics has been a leading comic shop in Phoenix for decades, but owners Alan & Marsha Giroux recently lost the lease on their long-time location. (The doctor next door offered the landlord more rent when the lease became due to expire; AAC's footage will be turned into a new waiting room.) Moving to a new location will cost about $33,000.

The 2008 recession hit a lot of comic shops hard; the store I shopped at wasn't the only one that folded in the years afterward. AAB&C has managed to be a survivor, and -- even though I've never shopped there -- I think it's worth contributing to, to let it continue its service to comics fandom. (Also, pretty cool t-shirts if you pledge $25 or more!)

Here's the Kickstarter page: Mom & Pop Move Their Comic Shop

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