The Zodiac Re-Imagined

Found on behance.net, a lovely re-imaging of the Zodiac as a series of female portraits, by German artist Ekaterina Koroleva.  The full set can be seen here.


WWWeaves said...

Hi. Came here from a 2008 comment on Scalzi's blog. Wondering what you ended up doing after the post office?

Bruce said...

Essentially, I just switched jobs and have been working as a security officer in various locations since then. The monthly retirement check from the Postal Service meant Hilde and I could still get by on a lot lower pay-per-hour.

(I liked delivering mail, and would probably still be there today, if USPS management didn't subscribe to the theory that a hostile, abusive workplace makes your employees more productive. The stress level finally got too high, and when I realized I could retire I did so.)

Otherwise puttering along. The blog here seems to be turning into one largely about growing older, which turns out to be not much fun.