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Now that I'm officially unemployed, part of the job-hunting experience is worrying about your personal appearance. I was due for a haircut anyway. But I looked at how far my hairline has receded as I've gotten older, and how thin the hair's getting, and decided "Maybe it's time to go really short."


The last time I had a crewcut like this, I was about eight years old. That's half a century, plus a bit. So I expect people will be fairly surprised. Especially those who know that for most of my life I've worn my hair long and in a DFH ponytail.
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Don Fitch said...

Wot? Not short even during your three years in the Army? I kept my GI/Draftee buzzcut through three years at Berkeley (Class of '55) and then about a decade of Fandom, finally turning into a (faded & greying, by that time) hippy when the price of haircuts rose above $2.00. (I'm /s/t/i/n/g/y/ /t/h/r/i/f/t/y/ a Fiscal Conservative, you know.) I'm not sure I could manage (now at the age of 83+) to change from my current ponytail & full beard, and I'm glad there doesn't seem to be any probable need to.