Food Porn

Over at BROWNIE OR DIE, blogatrix Jessica has up a post about Sacherbrownies, that includes this photo:

One of the things about the hordes of food blogs on the Net is that some of the bloggers are not only enthusiastic about food, but talented photographers.

So you get a lot of photos that make you go, "Ooh, nice work!" And then there are the photos that I call "food porn", where it looks just SO damn good that you can't take your eyes away, and your saliva glands go into overtime.

That sacherbrownie, with the dark layers of brownie and chocolate sandwiching that backlit filling of apricot jam... oh, man....

Excuse me, I have to go into another room for a few moments. (The KITCHEN, I swear!)

What Was I Thinking?

Actually, what I was thinking last night was:

"Hmmm, when I'm using a knife this sharp, I should probably cut in the other direc... SHIT!!"
Three stitches. 'Nuff said.