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Email this morning:

Dear Mr. Arthurs,

NESFA Press, as you may know, is reprinting Harry Warner's
"All Our Yesterdays," which was originally an Advent release.

As I've been working on the dust jacket, I stumbled on a
comment that you made on TNH's "Making Light" weblog shortly
after Harry died: "If someone were to write a biography of
Harry Warner Jr., I suspect it would have to be titled THE
IMMORTAL CALM. (I -never- saw him lose his temper in print.
Even in some of the most trying fanhistorical times he
always seemed one of the few islands of sanity in feuding,
fractious fandom.)"

Would it be possible for me to include this comment as part
of our dust jacket for the book? (I regret that I'm on a
very, very tight deadline...and don't know if you'll see
this by the time the DJ has to go to print. But just in
case, I figgered I'd ask!)


Deb Geisler (for the NESFA Press)

Of course I gave a quick "Yes" in reply. But I think this is the first time I've been quoted for a dustjacket, so pardon me while I blurble.

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Gary Farber said...

I don't know that it would qualify as qualify as "losing his temper," but I certainly read Harry on several occasions calling people "babykillers" (because they didn't support criminalization of abortion).

With the greatest of respect for Harry, whom I visited with most enjoyably on two occasions, he was admirable, but no more a saint than anyone else. There were certainly other locs and articles I can think of in which he made clear his anger, in a restrained way. (He was hardly full of blessings for how Ed Wood handled A Wealth of Fable, for instance.)

-- Gary Farber